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Working with Agents

How it works

Initially a 4 stage process to confirm your needs and desires, in order to work towards achieving your goals..

My general focus be to improve the overall efficiency of your businesses workflow, processes, systems and staff management so we can look to improve your cost effectiveness in addition to any other goals we have agreed to work towards.

Consultancy from £300 PCM!



Stage 1

Initial Consultation

This is a free no obligation consultation via phone or video call to discuss any queries you may have and to raise what it is you would like to achieve through my services.

Stage 2

Plan of Action

We agree what action points will be covered by UK PropM and how we will measure and track this.

This is also a free consultation unless you wish to have this in person, in which case, costs may apply.

Stage 3

Quote & Agreement

At this stage, a quote for services will be provided for your approval.

Once approved, a contract will be drafted for signing.

Services will commence once the agreement is signed and in line with the terms of the agreement.

Stage 4


In line with the agreement, reviews will be carried out to measure and track the progress made since services commenced.

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